Live Painting

For me, live painting is a powerful, beautiful and challenging act of creation. I usually paint directly on the canvas with both hands or with natural sponges. Sometimes I start with a dance of two brushes. For me, live painting is always an instantaneous event that I have not rehearsed beforehand. I prepare for it by choosing the color palette, painting tools and underpainting. Regardless of whether I paint with a musician, a band or alone in front of an audience, I give myself completely to this moment of happening. While painting, the audience is directly involved in the creation of the painting. The whole of humanity follows the movement, the color, the music and becomes a part of it. There lies a secret through the power of which the audience can be picked up and touched deep in their heart, mind, soul and body.

When I paint with a band, sound, rhythm, text and atmosphere connect with me and my perception, this happens intuitively or rationally and finds its visual echo on the canvas.

When I paint in an ensemble with a musician, the performance is preceded by agreements. For example, we discuss who pays attention to whom. The musician either makes my painting audible or accompanies it, or I make his music visible, and both can happen reciprocally. When we perform as an ensemble, we usually perform in three acts. i.e. three canvases and three different pieces of music in approx. 15 minutes per act. The performance can be based on a theme or each act can stand on its own.

Sehnsucht - heile Welt

Desire - perfect World

Kunstraum Backstube Darmstadt, September 2023

K√ľnstlernacht 2022

Artists Night 2022

Orangerie Darmstadt, June 2022

Der Klang von Farben

The Sound of Colors

Days of Open Galleries, Kunstraum Backstube Darmstadt, September 2021

European Leaders Advance Conference

Harrogate Convention Centre, UK, July 2018

Awakening Europe

Nuremberg, July 2015

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